Week 16 Legislative Update

April 28, 2023


The Senate returned to the Capitol this week holding floor debate Monday through Thursday. The House did not did hold any floor debate, however the House Appropriations Committee met on Thursday afternoon to consider four of the budget proposals sent over by the Senate.  

On Thursday, the Governor signed the following bills into law:

  • HF 316: A bill for an act relating to value-added products or services offered by insurers or producers. 
  • HF 570: A bill for an act relating to assault including assault on pregnant women and domestic abuse assault, and providing penalties. 
  • HF 656: A bill for an act establishing the dentist and dental hygienist compact. 
  • SF 135: A bill for an act relating to registered interior design and providing penalties. 
  • SF 193: A bill for an act relating to the removal of human remains by a removal technician. 

A complete list of bills that have been signed by the Governor thus far can be found here.

Next week, the House is scheduled to debate legislation, including the youth employment reform bill, Iowa Economic Development Authority technical bill, and the Iowa Caucuses proposal.  Both Chambers will continue to work through budget negotiations with a possible adjournment late next week.

Priority Legislation


The Senate advanced five budget bills this week after adopting amendments with the specific appropriations. The Senate Appropriations Committee had previously adopted shell budget bills that did not include specific allocations. On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee advanced four of the five budget bills out of committee.   House File 709 was previously adopted by the House and amended in the Senate, so the House must concur with the Senate amendment before it is sent to the Governor.

A summary of the budget bills can be found below.

Bill Number




SF 557

Admin & Reg. Budget


Passed Senate 33-16

SF 558

Ag. & Nat. Resources


Passed Senate 33-16

SF 559

Economic Development


On Senate Calendar

SF 560



On Senate Calendar

HF 709

Federal Block Grants

$424mM for FFY 2024

$427.8M for FFY 2025

Passed House 99-0

S-3176 adopted

Passed Senate 49-0

SF 561/HSB 248

Health & Human Services


Passed Senate 32-16

SF 562

Judicial Branch


On Senate Calendar

SF 563

Justice Systems


On Senate Calendar

SF 576

Transportation Budget


Passed Senate 49-0


Other Bills of Interest

MEGA Site: On Monday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee advanced Senate Study Bill 1162 out of committee with an amendment. SSB 1162 is the proposed new Mega Economic Growth Attraction Program brought forward by IEDA to provide additional incentives for larger economic development deals. The committee amended the bill to make it a two year pilot program limited to two projects.

Auditor: The House considered Senate File 478 last week, a bill that would limit the state auditor’s access to citizen information. The bill was adopted by the Senate in March with a 33-16 vote. The House amended the bill and passed it 55-41. The Senate concurred with the House amendment on Wednesday and sent the bill to the Governor.

Pass Through Entities: House File 352, the pass-through business entity tax bill that originated in the House was taken up by the Senate and passed 46-3.  The bill creates a new voluntary PTE tax and a new income tax credit to be passed through individual owners of a partnership or S-corp that elect to pay the PTE tax. The bill now heads to the Governor for her signature.

IEDA Technical Bill: Senate File 575 extends the Renewable Chemical tax credit until 2041 and strikes the waitlist, along with striking the waitlist for the Innovation Fund.  The bill also transfers 1% of the sales of native distilled spirits, up to $250,000, to the Liquor Control fund. The Senate adopted the bill 47-1.