Voting Absentee and In-Person for the 2020 Primary

Voting Absentee and In-Person for the 2020 Primary

The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office mailed registered Iowa votes an absentee ballot request for the June 2nd Primary election. Requests must be returned to your county auditor by 5:00pm on Friday, May 22nd to receive an absentee ballot in the mail. You can request an absentee ballot in person until June 1st.  Once you receive your ballot simply fill it out and return it to your county auditor by mail or in person no later than 9:00pm on June 2nd. 


County auditors will be offering in-person voting options on Election Day, however they may be limited. Reach out to your county auditor here to find your polling place. County auditors will begin offering in-person absentee voting on May 4th. 


Iowa voters may only vote one ballot; you must be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican Primary or a registered Democrat to vote in the Democrat Primary. If you are a no-party (independent) voter or if you would like to switch parties to vote, you can do so at the Secretary of State’s website, at the polls on Election Day, or on your absentee ballot request. 


Please find the candidate list above. 

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