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Recovery & Resiliency

Economic Recovery

2020 brought a confluence of challenges that could have had a devasting effect on the state budget, but the Governor and Legislature have received confirmation that the state was set up to weather these trials. Ending the fiscal year in the midst of a pandemic with a $305 million surplus garnered the top overall raking from the nonpartisan Council of State Governments as the best in the country to respond to COVID-19. Governor Reynolds also received an A grade on the CATO Institute’s Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2020. 

Iowa’s fiscal soundness is extremely important because our membership has seen growth opportunities throughout 2020. This includes both existing businesses expanding or other prospects choosing our state. Iowa’s fiscal condition gives Iowa the ability to react quickly to move toward recovery. The Alliance greatly appreciates the work of the Governor’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board to develop recommendations and fully supports those initiatives that fall within our broader priority agenda.  

The COVID-19 crises showed the importance of broadband connectivity and its vitalness to economic development. Broadband investment should be pursued as aggressively as any other targeted industry – through a positive business climate, competitive tax treatment, appropriate incentives, and a light-touch regulatory posture that is geared toward the future, not the past. Iowa needs to undertake a concerted effort to attract broadband investment, regardless of platform, from local, regional, and national providers, in order to put in place, the broadband infrastructure necessary for our economic future. 

Resiliency & Preparedness 

In addition to support for economic recovery, the Alliance sees the importance of being prepared for future disasters. The widespread economic disaster presented by a global pandemic is unlikely to occur frequently but certain small-scale crises like the 2020 derecho or the flooding in 2019 present opportunities for Iowa to lead in response time to the business community. We encourage policymakers to consider quick deployment of resources to business owners when Iowa’s budget is sound and reserves are full.   


Policy discussions in 2021 should also consider what innovation is on the horizon. We also support resources and policy changes that consider making Iowa a leader in innovation for things like transportation, energy, environmentally sensitive development and automation to supplement workforce growth. This includes support for the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, that emphasizes automation and smart technology to drive the future of Iowa industry.  

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