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General Business & Regulation


The fiscal health of state and local governments proves to be a determining factor in attracting and retaining businesses. Accordingly, a concerted effort to modernize and reform budget practices must be consistently made. This includes multi-year budgeting, strategic reviews of expenditures, and providing adequate funding for existing budget obligations such as tax credits and the promised backfill to local governments related to the property tax reforms of 2013. Rescinding the backfill will result in a de facto tax increase on property, which is disproportionately paid by Iowa businesses.

The Alliance strongly supports efforts to reduce revenue demand from local and state governments through public pension reforms and other measures that can positively impact local government budgets without tax increases.


The Iowa Chamber Alliance continues to support periodic review and cost-benefit analysis of agency rules and regulations in cooperation with affected businesses and stakeholder organizations. Such reviews help ensure a minimally invasive and efficient regulatory environment. Rules and regulations should be regularly evaluated for necessity, effectiveness, cost-efficiency, enforceability, and financial impact. Regulatory stability and responsiveness must be recognized as critical components of a healthy business climate.

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