About ICA - Iowa Chamber Alliance

About ICA

About the Iowa Chamber Alliance

The Iowa Chamber Alliance is a non-partisan coalition that represents the 16 largest Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations throughout Iowa.


The mission of the Iowa Chamber Alliance is to put forth and enact an agenda to grow the state’s economy through support of proactive programs that stimulate economic growth opportunities for the entire state and its residents. 

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that by working together we can create significant, positive changes that will prepare Iowa for the future and ensure a high quality of life for its citizens.
  • We believe Iowa needs strategic, aggressive, forward-thinking statewide policies and programs that stimulate strong economic growth, resulting in additional jobs and increased state and local revenues.
  • We support:
    • Long-term statewide policies and programs that provide reliable economic development tools for encouraging business relocation, expansion and entrepreneurship in Iowa communities.
    • A regulatory and tax climate conducive to making Iowa the most competitive state in the nation for attracting business expansion opportunities and fostering the growth of new and existing businesses.
    • An ongoing funding mechanism for building infrastructure and amenities that improve the quality of life in Iowa communities.
    • Streamlined governments at all levels that are efficient, cost-effective and responsive to business needs by finding ways to use tax dollars more wisely while improving services.
    • A long-term marketing plan that promotes Iowa’s positive distinguishing attributes to both internal and external audiences, positioning Iowa as the location of choice for operating a business, living and traveling.


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