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Policy Issues

The Iowa Chamber Alliance is the leading voice for promoting economic growth policies and initiatives in Iowa. The coalition is comprised of the sixteen largest Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations in Iowa. Each year the Alliance advocates for policy proposals focused on growing and strengthening Iowa’s economy.

For the 2018 legislative session, the Iowa Chamber Alliance sees a unique opportunity to update and enhance Iowa’s tax code in a thoughtful manner that is meaningful and comprehensive. To encourage this important change, the Alliance will primarily focus on this theme:

To grow Iowa's economy the tax code must be simplified and made more competitive and equitable. The economic development tools we utilize to encourage capital investment, provide quality jobs and wages, and enhance the overall quality of life for Iowans must be maintained and enhanced.

While tax reform and economic development stand as the Alliance’s top priorities for 2018, the Alliance will be actively advocating for a suite of policy proposals that are aimed at near and long-term economic growth for Iowa, including:

  • Smart and comprehensive investment in developing and retaining world-class talent and workforce through broad support of the Future Ready Iowa Initiative.
  • Support for high-quality K-12 education which readies graduates with career ready skills or post-secondary education.
  • Strong fiscal prudence and spending restraint across all levels of government.
  • Long-term infrastructure planning and mindful allocation of resources to fund these critical, capital-intensive projects.
  • Predictable and responsive regulatory environment.

ICA 2018 State Policy Agenda

ICA 2016 Federal Policy Brochure



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